Monday, June 27, 2011

And the livin's easy.....

Summer time is the BEST time, the best time for everything. The best time for eating, playing, loving, laughing and growing. I love summer, I love summer and I LOVE summer.   Having the boys makes summer that much more fun! I made a promise to myself to not let the summer pass us by, I swore that I would not let school come with out sucking every bit of enjoyment I could out of the summertime!!!  Watching them takes me back to being a kid, gives me that feeling of simple bliss, little worry and fun.

We have been on a roll, Parky has been feeling pretty good which has made our adbentures(adventures) all the better!!!

I made a summer list for our family a few weeks ago and I am pretty proud of myself for the things we can cross off.  I am typically the type of person that makes a list, I love lists, and sometimes I am good at following through, but mostly, things come up and I have to let it go.  Not this list....

The boys and I have gone somewhere fun every single day, and if not we have made the fun in our own yard, (I would like to say that they just don't make slip and slides like they used to, the bruises on my hips and Paysen's will prove that to be true!) 

My little baby, who is afraid of the park is really coming around!

Climbing man......
Today we traveled a few miles to a State Park that sits just outside of town.  We had lunch and then went was tons of fun for the boys because it involved water, bugs, climbing, swinging, rolling, and walking!! and to a little boy, that is a perfect combination! 

Last week we had dinner at a friends house, they have a handful of kids...add in our two, a warm evening, some water guns, a nice back yard, and you have the makings for a killer water fight.  It started out simple enough and ended with three of us adults soaked and the kids proclaiming the un-fairness of using the hose and declaring a rematch in order!! We are ready for the challenge!!

I am so thankful this summer!! I am thankful that Parky is feeling ok.  I am thankful that my oldest son has an unquenchable thirst for adventure, I am thankful that going to work each day for me, means spending time with my babies.  I am thankful for the weather, thankful for my husband who works hard so I can be with the boys.

We have to head to the hospital on the 5th of July, Parklen has to have an IV infusion of high dose steroids for three days a month for the next three months. We will suck life out of summer while were down there, even if it means dragging a steroid filled, grouchy toddler to the zoo to scream at the animals, or take him kicking and screaming to the aquarium.... we WILL have fun. 

The relief of Parklen's last surgery showing no cancer has lifted a weight off my shoulders that was getting pretty heavy.  I trust that God is always looking out for him, but it feels extra good when he gives you a little victory like the words "no cancer" 
     They told me when they first discovered Parklen's disease that most children and adults that have it usually develop Cancer later on.....since hearing that I have been afraid...secretly at times, but afraid non the less.  It has always been at the back of my mind....ALWAYS.  When they found the mass in his colon I had to stuff my feelings so far down so that I wouldn't fall apart.  I had a lump in my throat for over a month.  When I look at him I can truly smile, I don't know what God has in store for his little life, I have no clue what obstacles lay ahead for him and us but I do know that God is watching over him and that today he is cancer free.