Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Reflection

     Christmas is coming to a close as I sit here tonight. . .. The boys had a great day opening and playing with their gifts, eating, playing with their gifts and playing with their gifts.  Now, they are tightly tucked away in their little beds, snuggling their new pillow pets and sleeping soundly.
  For some reason, or maybe for many, I have not felt much in the holiday mood. I love the reason for Christmas, I am thankful every day for Jesus and his saving grace, I am just ready to move on from the tree, and the Santa, and the commercialism of the entire event. 
  I usually leave up the tree until New Years, but I had it down after noon today. I want to find a reason in every single solitary day, moment and second to be thankful for God sending his son, and staring at a tree crowding my living room wasn't doing it for me today. 
  I enjoyed watching the boys, I loved spending the day with my family, I just couldn't keep my thoughts from all the children and families less fortunate than mine.  My heart hurts for the ones who have not even the simple gift of love on this Christmas day.  I spend so much time on the ones that I love, that I am not spending any love on the ones I do not know. I try to bless strangers with bits of kindness when I can, but I mostly don't go out of my way. 
  This day has been one of much reflection for me, I want to do more.  I want to make sure that I am more than a great example for my children.  I want to love others more, and teach my children that even in such an ugly and unkind world, love is possible and mostly that it is worth it.  God has commanded this of all of us, we are to love Him above all and others above ourselves. . . . .Merry CHRISTmas. . . .

Monday, December 20, 2010

 Today was Paysen's Christmas party at school, before today he had never seen Santa in person. He was excited to see him and you could tell by his face!! As a child I was never allowed to believe in Santa so the whole experience is new and a little strange to me.  I get a little bit uncomfortable with the thought of my children losing sight of the real reason for Christmas but Paysen shows much knowledge for such a small boy.  At age four he will tell me the entire story of Jesus being born in a manger, he ends his story with the answer to this question, "Why did Jesus come as a baby to the world?"  "Jesus came to earth so that he could grow up to die on the cross for our sins, believing in him and what he did is the one way that we get to heaven."  His smarts surpass his years and he makes me so proud.  I have decided that Santa is a harmless aspect of the season as long as my boys know the truth and they do.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What a day. . .

  Today was quite a day. . . .I was not prepared this morning when I awoke to a pile of snow outside. I have a very crazy tendency to plan almost every single second of my day. . . I literally lay in bed each night and go through the following day until the plan is clear in my mind.  Lets just say that horrible roads were not in my plans for this day. . .hahaha. 
  It took a whole lot longer than normal to get sweet Paysen to school today. . the whole time hearing the regular driving questions, "Mom, did Jesus make the road? Mom, did Jesus make the trees? Mom, why would Jesus make the snow?"  Paysen is so smart  at this point in his life that the simple answers do not suffice his questions, and I love his curiosity so much. . .
  It turns out that I am a terrible driver in this sort of weather, I nearly have a nervous break down, clinching the steering wheel with white knuckles, shaking and sweating. . .I am not even kidding.  Before my children came along I was not scared of a thing, now the thought of them in my back seat sends me into a frenzy. . .
 After getting Paysen to school we had to turn right back home for Parklen's weekly therapy.  It brings me great joy to watch him in his sessions. . he has come such a long way since he first started.  Just over a year ago, he was more than a year behind where he should have been and NOW he has surpassed not only expectations but the definition of normal at his age!!! 
 We had a little play date after all the morning happenings with some special people in our lives, special people of whom we rarely see. . . I find it strange how we let ourselves grow apart from people that we love. . . friends seem to fade away in the business of life. . .
 Our day ended with some gift wrapping, boys wrestling, ice cream and homework. . .Life is good!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Something New

  I have decided to try this out.  I'm not sure exactly how many people will be interested in reading this, I just know that I want to give it a try. My name is Amanda, I have a wonderful family and a super wonderful life. Our family consists of My husband Devan: a full time student seeking his masters in Occupational Therapy and working most of his other time that he isn't in school.  Paysen, our 4 year old little wonder, so smart and funny it amazes us daily. Parklen, our 2 year old little baby, a miracle to marvel each and every moment. . . .he suffers from ALPS (Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome) he has been through so many surgeries, hospitalizations and trials yet continues to smile. . .Finally, we have myself, a stay at home (yeah right) mom who lives every day for my family.  I am looking forward to sharing little bits of our lives and hoping that you are excited as well.
  To say that we have an exciting life would be an understatment. . . .we laugh everyday and enjoy each challenge that God gives us!  So many fun things to share. . . .