Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Reflection

     Christmas is coming to a close as I sit here tonight. . .. The boys had a great day opening and playing with their gifts, eating, playing with their gifts and playing with their gifts.  Now, they are tightly tucked away in their little beds, snuggling their new pillow pets and sleeping soundly.
  For some reason, or maybe for many, I have not felt much in the holiday mood. I love the reason for Christmas, I am thankful every day for Jesus and his saving grace, I am just ready to move on from the tree, and the Santa, and the commercialism of the entire event. 
  I usually leave up the tree until New Years, but I had it down after noon today. I want to find a reason in every single solitary day, moment and second to be thankful for God sending his son, and staring at a tree crowding my living room wasn't doing it for me today. 
  I enjoyed watching the boys, I loved spending the day with my family, I just couldn't keep my thoughts from all the children and families less fortunate than mine.  My heart hurts for the ones who have not even the simple gift of love on this Christmas day.  I spend so much time on the ones that I love, that I am not spending any love on the ones I do not know. I try to bless strangers with bits of kindness when I can, but I mostly don't go out of my way. 
  This day has been one of much reflection for me, I want to do more.  I want to make sure that I am more than a great example for my children.  I want to love others more, and teach my children that even in such an ugly and unkind world, love is possible and mostly that it is worth it.  God has commanded this of all of us, we are to love Him above all and others above ourselves. . . . .Merry CHRISTmas. . . .

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