Sunday, December 25, 2011


Okay. Here goes my Grinch moment.......... I hate Santa. *sigh* I really feel much better now that I've gotten that off of my chest.
     This deep rooted hatred very well could stretch WAY back to my childhood, where my parents never allowed me to believe. It was always made known to me, even as a small child, that he wasn't real. That Jesus was the reason for Christmas and Santa nothing more than a filler.
     I can understand the excitement that kids feel in anticipation of Santa. But it doesn't make me like him any more. Some of my distaste towards him is more than likely for selfish reasons.  I don't like giving him the credit for all the presents, the good presents or really much of anything..... I have a desire to make him look bad on Christmas morning....(Trust me when I say that I know how terrible this sounds )  If I didn't have to send my children to school, where other kids believe, I would have already told them the truth.  From personal experience, I can say that it is no fun being the only kid who knows the truth and trying not to crush your friends by spilling the beans.

   This Christmas has been a little different for me.  It seems like the true meaning is lost more with each passing year. There is so much stress in shopping and wrapping and so on.......Our family tries to celebrate the Birth of Jesus all year I don't feel completely horrible in saying that I am so glad this season is winding down.

 We spend every Christmas Eve at my Grandmothers house, it is a tiny place with a lot of people.  My family is loud, not a little, but really loud.  It is a few hours of complete chaos.  Usually, at least one of us sisters is our dads, in the hospital....somewhere...Not this year.
 My sisters are a little crazy themselves....Each one in a little different way.  We all have our personalities, our own ambitions, we are certainly more different than alike...but I do love these little boogers.
 True Parklen style here

 After 7 Christmas Eve Celebrations together This one is a bit more relaxed in the midst of the noise....Im almost certain he was afraid that first year.....

Parky got his Beiber movie this morning.....He was so excited.
And Paysen, his very own Ice Fishing spite of the tired face, he was excited.

   I love the time with family and friends this time of year, I really love the baking and the carols.  I love the look of glee on the faces of our children as they open their treasures.  But I also loved the moment I closed the box of our packed up Christmas Tree this afternoon, and the feeling of peace as I looked around to a normal living room.  I have never taken down the decorations on Christmas day, but it had to be done......

   We are not living large in a worldly sense....Our primary provider is a full time student, We are the complete opposite of "us" 3 or 4 years ago. We certainly have our struggles.....
From a different perspective, we are rich beyond measure.  We have each other, we have our faith.

   There was a moment this morning when I said to Devan, "It seems like we didn't get the boys anything this year."  Not even a minute later, Paysen squealed with joy, "Look at all our stuff, there is A LOT!"

Life is such a matter of perspective, glass half full or half empty sort of thing.....My kids believe that their glass in flowing over.....and ya know what, Santa didn't have a thing to do with that.

At the closing of this holiday I reflect upon my blessings.....They are countless.

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