Thursday, March 16, 2017


Bitterness takes over,
when you feel that life's unfair.
When your baby is sick,
or your bills aren't paid,
maybe the grey is taking over your hair.

One thing after another...
it always seems to be.
rarely answers...
Puzzles that are often missing a piece.

Bitterness leaves a taste in your mouth,
that can not be easily replaced..
it can make the best things taste sour,
the good taste bad...
and the perfect things go to waste...

It is so easy for me to find myself here...
wading through the murky and muddy waters...
Where I stand, bitter and angry...
and alone...

It takes a desperate plea in the form of a prayer...
A good shake all the way down to my core.
A friend,
a memory...
and sometimes...
maybe just a little more.

It helps when I remember
all the places I have been,
The highs,
the lows...
and everything between.

8 years can seem like a lifetime..
and also as a fleeting moment.

When you look forward to tomorrow...
When you strain your eyes toward yesterday,
you miss what's meant for you to see.

When you focus on the wrong...
there is no room for the right.

When you try to steer your own life,
you're telling God He can't...

Surrender is the hardest part...
Knowing to let go.
Remembering what all the hurt has taught you..
you already know...

Where you've been,
has brought you to...
Where your meant to be.

And where you are,
 will lead you to,
 God's promise of victory.

One day there will be no sickness,
no blood draws,
no pain,
no worries.

No waiting on test results..
wondering what tomorrow brings

When that day comes,
whether here or there..
When the waves of life drift out to sea...
I will dance with praise
and sing His glory..

In the mean time...
I pray for release from bitterness..
For the gift of focus..
I pray to enjoy each moment as it comes.
To be thankful for it all...
the good..and the bad.

Its in those moments of thankfulness that I find my greatest blessings.


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