Thursday, July 7, 2011

Watching Parky watch Mickey Mouse, We are in Denver, Parklen is taking his steroid treatments like a champ........Tuesday he slept through the entire 3 hour infusion. yesterday he relaxed and today he is chillin out like nobodies business!!   He hasn't showed any signs of side effects at crazy roid rage (usually he has this horrible), no rashes, nothing. 

The more time that I spend here the more I am thankful for our home, for family that helps me out, for friends that help me emotionally cope.....for my own bed.  I am thankful that there is such a wonderful hospital so close to us, and, although I don't love the drive, I am thankful that our every day is far from this place.  That even though we have to travel a lot to see the doctors, our real world is somewhere else. 

Yesterday we hit the zoo after Parky's treatment.  It was the highlight for the boys, despite the rain that forced us to wait in the car and only have slightly over an hour to enjoy.....Parky wanted to see a Monkey, his "FaBerite Animal, oooo ooo ahh ahh"  Paysen was hoping for a repeat of a couple of years ago when he broke the rules and fed a peacock a soft pretzel.  We saw the monkey and even the peacock, but no soft pretzel feeding.  The boys are lucky that their parents are quick and in shape cus we zipped through and saw it all.  We did, however, leave soaked in sweat and parched. 

Today is his last treatment, then back home.....not even a stop at my dad's house on the way, just HOME!

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