Friday, September 7, 2012

On Surprises........

Let me tell you a little story....Its a crazy one.

I can recall at least a dozen different people that asked me this question in the past 4 months, "Are you guys going to have any more kids?"  Each and every time I would answer, "I'm not sure, but defiantly not right now, things are just too crazy."  I believed this to be true.

A little over a month ago I started having little feelings, feelings that I ignored.  About three weeks ago I found myself unable to drink ANY ALL (if you really know me, you know that this is a big deal....I live for coffee)    That's when I knew.  Nothing on this entire earth could keep me away from my coffee.....well except for one thing.....

I took a few tests at home, You could barely see the result and Devan insisted it wasn't there.....After a blood test, our thoughts were confirmed. 

We are having a baby......a BABY.  Another child, ONE more human in our home......a baby.  You may be able to imagine the panic that set in......  Nervous, scared and uneasy  How could we do this?  How could we do this NOW? 

Then that still small voice whispered.....this is a blessing.    We are blessed. 

I am still laughing at myself....thinking I could plan out my entire life.....I can't.  I know this. 

It is very customary to wait a while to announce this type of news....however, after discussing with Devan and reflecting on the stressful situations going on about in our life, we decided that the only practical thing to do was announce....ask to be lifted up in prayer.......We need the prayer. 

The boys are crazy excited!!  They have, after all, been asking for a baby sister for a few years now.  Going to be a change for Parklen, no longer being the baby....I'm reminded of this when I see this picture.....looking back at us like "really?"

So.....Surprises can be scary.....but mostly, surprises are good for smiles, and joy.  We were surprised and we are thankful!   Please pray for us!  For Parklen and our upcoming travels....for our family, for Paysen in kindergarten and for this pregnancy, this blessing!


  1. Congratulations! Enjoy this time looking forward to your little blessing!

  2. Yay!!! I agree...a total blessing! Take care of yourself, there, momma! We are super excited for you! (ok a little exclamation point overload but, seriously, this is the best news!)