Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yesterday there was a birthday in the Henderson house.....Paysen, our sensitive, loving, smart, compassionate, witty, and wonderful boy turned 6!  Surprisingly I didn't shed any birthday tears like normal.....I found myself too busy trying to just make it through his day whilst feeling super sick. 
We do a lot of candles for our birthdays!!  We start at breakfast......a request for his favorite, white chocolate pancakes adorned with some fire sticks is a good way to start your special day. 

He got to choose his dinner location......Olive Garden was his desire.....and so we went!!  It was so cute and funny to watch his face as the staff sang happy birthday!  Another candle.....

We ended the night with cake......I am not able to bake right now (this pregnancy is KICKING my butt) so instead of purchasing a cake, a friend of mine offered to bake him his homemade strawberry request.......more candles.

We celebrated his birthday with friends a couple of weeks ago, I have picked up this tradition of early celebration in order to celebrate outside....and always afraid that the Wyoming weather will ruin a date closer to his actual birthday. 

It was a circus themed party......full of fun and games!!!  One of the most fun parties to plan!  I started with the planning about eight months ago. 

There were carnival which the kids earned tickets for the end of the games they were able to "purchase" prizes from the prize table with their earned tickets.

There was a treat table filled with cotton candy, popcorn, circus peanuts, cake, cupcakes, and punch.....

The kids were also able to get circus tattoos, and make a stop at the "Kissing booth" in which they had a chance to guess the amount of Hershey Kisses in a Jar....the winner taking it home!!!!

It was a lot of fun, I failed to capture a lot of good pictures that day and have suffered from nightmares at my missed opportunity, but there are a few! And the memories will live forever. 

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  1. Wow! I will never.ever........understand how you do it. Awesome party!