Sunday, March 17, 2013


This post will be out of my ordinary for sure........

What do you know about wrestling?  I have a lot of friends that know everything about the sport.  Not I, I began this little sporting endeavor of Paysen's knowing nothing more than the obvious......singlets, sweat, mats, fungus and rolling around.  Ha ha.

To tell you the truth I wasn't very excited about starting down this road with Paysen.  I always knew he would wrestle because his daddy did.....but of all the sports, this one made me the most nervous.  I was so wrong to doubt.

For those of you who were like me and don't know much about the sport let me give you some basics that I have learned. 
       Wrestling is intense......even at 6 years old, you are expected to show up for practice and work your little buns off......there is closed mama there to watch, so no chance of whining and getting out of the work.
       Wrestling is intense.......Not every kid gets a trophy.....  this happens to be my most favorite part of the sport.  I have such trouble accepting the attitude of sporting events for our children these days.  Every child is handed a trophy or ribbon, we don't always keep score, there aren't any losers...... Which shows our kids that no matter what.....they win.  Wrong.  Try living on planet earth with that attitude....growing up with the idea that you are entitled to a reward whether you earn it or not.  Wresting breaks this rule.  If you lose, guess lose. 
    Wrestling is intense.......So yes, if you lose.  But the up side to this is, if you win.  It is a personal cannot rely on anyone else on that mat but yourself.  If you work hard and come out on top....its you that earned that win. 
       Wrestling is teaching Paysen discipline, drive and sportsmanship.  Let me just tell you, he has made his parents so proud.  He hasn't won every match, quite the contrary.....however he has worked so hard, learned so much and proven to be a diligent little dude. 

 I am slowly learning the rules, I am quickly learning my love for the sport.  Watching my little man on the mat is so emotional, and so exciting.  Watching him smile, win or lose is so sweet.  He doesn't yet understand the scoring so he doesn't pay attention to the score board and just works like crazy until they tell him to stop. 
      We took the weekend off of tournaments this week, he needed a break.  We do not want to burn him out on something we hope he will continue for as long as possible.

Having little boys was something that I never imagined for my life.  I always assumed I would have girls as my mother did.  Having little boys is something that has filled my cup, excited my soul, and taught me a love that I believe I otherwise would have never known. 

I was looking though pictures from the last couple months......I found these jewels from a trip to one of our most favorite places on earth.  When we go to visit our friends that live in the little town, in the house that sits on the little lake.....we feel at home.  The boys relax there, I relax there.  There is a family member for each of us to "play" with. 
This is what happens when you start a snow ball fight with your dad and his buddy...
my handsome love.

Parklen loves when he gets a chance to be outside.
The mama is one of the most talented ladies with a sewing machine that I have ever known and has helped with the nursery for baby "P" (I need to do a post on the nursery)  Her husband has been friends with Devan for many many years....and they have two beautiful boys for ours to play with. We will be planning a trip back very soon.

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