Thursday, May 9, 2013

The story of her............

So so much has happened in the lives of the Henderson's as of so much. 

We have celebrated a birthday....are currently in Denver for treatments, and of course.....we welcomed a baby.

Because I didn't have the blog back when we had the boys, I have been working on writing their birth stories to share......but, because this one is the most fresh in my mind, I am sharing it first.

There have been many, many lessons learned in my life......some were hard, some.....not so much.  Of all the things that God has chosen to teach, there is one that I refuse to accept, so I end up being taught it time and time again.......  This lesson, is that I cannot plan everything.....that things are not in MY control.

My entire pregnancy was different this time, from the word GO.  With the boys, I knew I was pregnant instantly, I had planned for them....they were not a surprise.  Not so this go 'round.  In fact, only six months before discovering the news....we made the decision to have no more children and got rid of the loads of baby stuff I had held on to over the years......then, surprise.

I lost tons of weight throughout this pregnancy, due to horrible morning sickness...(morning, noon and night sickness really)  I spent time twice in the hospital with Parklen, once in the ICU while being pregnant.  We had health scare after health scare with Parky and all the stress took its toll......

So when it came close to delivery.....everything I had known was changed.  The boys both came at 37 weeks, they both came easy.....and quick.  So why wouldn't she?  right..........

I began having contractions on a Monday......after my doctors appointment.  Devan and I loaded the car, made arrangements for the boys and began to wait.....wait for the contractions to become regular and timed close together......My mom and my sister were over to care for the boys, and the whole crowd of us sat and waited......and then, we waited.  The day passed and I was still pregnant.....still having contractions but not getting to the point of heading to the hospital.  We went to bed, Devan sleeping in his jeans just in not sleeping much at all.  Nerves and excitement, mixed with frustration and confusion at the fact that things were not progressing as I had known in the past. 

Morning came....still contractions were random.  I sent Devan off to class, thinking for sure that his absence would put me into serious labor.  Nope.  After class, we decided to head to the hospital to check things out.......

I was in was just different.  I was admitted and things were beginning to become interesting.  I let my family know....and my best girlfriends.  One very special friend of mine headed up from my home town to capture it all in photograph form.  Here we go.......

We all sat in the room, my friend, my youngest sister and my love.....talking and chatting between contractions.  Moments of laughter, followed by moments of silence and I felt the contractions and they all watched the screen and proclaimed, "that was a big one."

After some time, they concluded that I wasn't moving further on my own and started an IV of Pitosin.  Yuck.  I had never had it with the boys, never needed it.....they were out and in the world within a couple of hours. 

I had had two children drug free......a personal choice I had made long ago....for many reasons.  I had never considered getting the epidural with this one either....until they started the contraction inducing and intensifying drug.  Let me say, the thought was in the front of my mind.  I looked at Devan, he at me....and he told me, "you can do this babe."  and I epidural. 

As the contractions intensified, I spent the time between trying to suck in the moment......attempting to store the memories forever in my mind.  I would close my eyes for the contractions and then open them to see Devan running back and forth to replace the cold rags on my head and neck.....holding my hand and watching the monitor....I could tell he was getting nervous, as the boys were so different.  I could see my young sister, concern on her face, matched with confusion with her lack of understanding of the whole birth process.  I can see a vison of my beautiful friend, behind her camera....snagging shots and sending me winks and smiles......words of encouragement flowing from her mouth....I can remember thinking how blessed I was for such a great friend, a great husband...a great family.

Then the moment was time.  I let them know that the baby was ready and they called the doc.  It had been less than 5 hours since I had checked in...but the longest of the three children.  My doctor was there in less than 4 minutes........and less than five minutes after that.....we had a baby.

I can hear the sounds, I can feel my husbands hand on my shoulder......I can see my doctors face, and hear him proclaim..."this baby has a lot of hair."  With my last push I turned to Devan and asked, "is it really a girl?"  (part of me always expected a third boy)  and it was......

They placed her directly on my chest......crying and beautiful.  I could not hold back the tears.  I had a daughter.....a third blessing to our family, an unexpected miracle.....something unplanned and yet so perfect......she was here.

I stared at her a bit before they swept her away to be cleaned and weighed and heart was about to burst.  I felt such an abundance of joy and thankfulness.  I was glad that my life plan took and unplanned turn.  I was thankful for the addition.  I was blessed and there was no doubt.

I watched as Devan caught his first glimpse of his daughter as he held her in his arms....I knew in that moment that he would never be the same. 

The boys were brought up to be introduced to their sister......they were a little bit overwhelmed and had only one word for any question asked......"Good"  The family and friends came, they met the new bug.....and they too fell in love.

When I think back to the moments leading up to our daughter's birth I begin to cry....every time.  God knew exactly what He was doing when he brought her into our lives.....and I believe that it is more than safe to say that the Henderson's are forever changed.

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