Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The day he had wished for....

Saturday was the day of all days for Parklen.

He had dreamed of it,
wished for it,
talked about it,
and was about to experience it.

Our appointment wasn't until the afternoon, so he had some torturous hours of wait.......
We tried to keep busy, eating, walking, playing and exploring.

When the time came, he was ready.

Paysen, Parklen and I were fitted with our life vests and directed to a waiting area.....
Devan wrangled Phinlynn, as she was too small to partake.

Parklen smiled from ear to ear.....Paysen did too.

We eased in off of the beach, the water reaching just above my knees.
It wasn't too cold, and there were fish swimming all around us.
Our trainer called over our new friend and so began Parklen's wish come true.

Parklen could not stop smiling,
he giggled at every turn.

We learned commands, we interacted.

The dolphins were everything that Parklen imagined they would be.

His words of his wish were "I wish to kiss a dolphin in Hawaii"
and kiss, he did.
Over and over and over again.
He kissed the dolphins when he was told to, he kissed them when the trainer looked away, he kissed their faces, their fins, their back....he kissed and kissed and kissed.

The time allotted for swimming with dolphins is limited.
I imagine it is because the dolphins can only handle so much,
When we got out of the water Parklen said, "I should have wished for 18 hours with the dolphins."

The dolphins live on the grounds of the resort where we stayed.
We walked by a few times after our experience for Parklen to say hello.......

It was worth the wait for the boys, Parklen was beyond happy and Paysen said, "I loved the dolphins, but I loved that Parky got his wish even more."

We finished our day with swimming pools, slides and waterfalls.....and slept soundly that night....

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  1. Amanda, I'm just floored by your blog and Parklen's Story. I am so happy that I found out about it and have thoroughly enjoyed reading everything about the trip. The way you describe your family and your experiences as a family is just beautiful. I'm so happy that Parklen is doing so well. <3