Monday, May 23, 2011

Catching up

So very much has happened since the last post.  

We have been on some family hikes in the recent weeks.

One hike included our dog pushing Parklen into the river and Paysen falling into Cactus, the next had Paysen with Poison Ivy, and Parklen feeling so sick he cried the entire time.  One thing is for sure, nothing is normal about our family, everything we do has its quirks. . .its stumbles and mishaps.  But if you ask the boys, they love every adventure we go on.

 Parky is drying off after his fall into the Platte.
On our hikes, Paysen and I are partners.  He "helps" me along the path. 

We celebrated Parky's birthday a couple weeks ago, Cant believe he is three. . . .the time goes more quickly with each passing day.. I wish I had a pause, and rewind button......
Parklen had an Ant hill cake this year, honestly I was just too exhausted to do anything better.  I will make up for it next year I'm sure.  And really. . . .he was just as excited about his one hour cake as he was about the Dinosaur that took a few days.....too funny.

Right now we are sitting in a hotel.  We are back down for hospital visits.  Parky and I are sitting here, and he is begging me to take him home.  "Pawease, I wanna go home."  But were here, and here for a week at least I would say, probably longer. 

This is who I left behind......not that he minds, he is with Aunt who he loves like crazy and who spoils him and loves him right back.
These are the recent addition to Paysen. . . .his glasses.   His eyes aren't very bad, and his doctor thinks he will never have to wear full time glasses, but you can barely pry these from his precious face. . .and in his words, with them on he, "sees weller." 
 I miss him when I am gone.  So does Parky.

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