Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the potty train....

The best part of potty training.....

I feel like the entire world should know, and be excited about the fact that my three year old hasn't pooped his pants in ELEVEN days....That's right, my THREE year old (they said he would be five or six) is no longer messing his pants.  This means no more diapers, no more diapers NO MORE DIAPERS!!! 

Every night he takes his place on our "stage" (atop a kitchen chair) and I say, in my best announcer voice, "Attention Henderson Family, I would like to introduce the boy who has gone ____ days without POOPING his pants...give it up for Parklen Henderson.."  we all clap as hard as we can as Parklen takes a bow.  As Parklen steps down, Paysen climbs up..."Attention now for the older brother, the one who has taught Parklen all he knows....Paysen Henderson..."  And we clap and that's the end of it.   The boys freak about this......its really dorky and really silly but it works.  Making a big deal, makes it a big deal.

Parky this week before getting his ear tubes.

Its been a crazy month....CRAZY.  We have had some super stress, and some not so much.  We have been to Denver for appointments, Out of town for some relaxation and home for the rest of the time.  One thing has remained constant this month....CHAOS.  My house is a wreck, horrible.  My car looks like a teenagers.  And best of all, my boys have decided that listening to ANYthing is far overrated. 

I cant seem to stay home long enough to make a dent in the disorganization, between morning preschool, afternoon preschool, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Cognitive therapy, Piano lessons, Bible study, Doctors Appointments, Errands, Blah, blah, blah......I just cant get a foot hold in my house.  Always driving.... My left leg is constantly sore from Clutching....haha.

I need some relief from the arguing going on with my boys....I'm just done.  They are yelling, screaming, fighting, more than normal.  They are talking back to me, THEIR MOTHER....I am not doing this.  So, I am pulling out my mean mama.....Tonight they will say goodbye to their toys....not forever....but for now.  I have done this before a few years ago with Paysen, and it works.  I will bag up all their toys and store them away.  Every day, they will have the opportunity to earn one back.  I wont argue with them, I wont play the first, second, third chance game....If they listen, they get a toy.  If they don't...better luck tomorrow.

I know it sounds mean and crazy...but it has to be done. There was a time when I was a very strict mother.  There was one surgery treat allowed each day, no tolerance of whining, the list went on.  To be honest, I had the most well behaved boy in Paysen.....Then along came Parklen....I held my ground for a while,  but Once the hospital stays began I lost control.  The control has slipped through my fingertips a bit more every day since then.   They don't listen to me in public, at home....when I'm trying to protect them....NEVER. 

It has never helped that everyone in Parklen's life feels sorry for him.  This brings a huge heap of spoiling by all.  He gets what he wants, when he wants from whomever he wants.  Then he is sent home with me, try telling you child that he cant have everything he wants after he has been given everything he wants.  VICIOUS!   I believe that he should be spoiled with love, gifted with time but not this way.  At three years old he knows how to manipulate, he knows how to "work" his sickness. 

Paysen doesn't listen because Parklen doesn't....How would it be fair if he had to behave and Parklen didn't.  I'm sure that's his thinking.  I also think he is constantly dying for attention and will take it in any fashion....good or bad. 

My migraines have been attempting to get the best of me lately...add that in with the weather causing my hands to be at their worst and all together I am feeling swell....I will not let this pain win.....Tomorrow is cleaning day and I will attempt to put a dent in this place....with no toys around, it should be a bit easier.

Anyhoo....let me concentrate on the wonderful...Parklen is potty trained....Paysen is super smart......Devan is doing good  so far this semester....and I am ALIVE....

To be continued..................

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