Wednesday, March 21, 2012


This morning was the boy's dentist appointment....not something that we, in this household, dread.  I have made a point of making the dentist a good thing and not scary.  My boys get some good teeth brushing....(you know they say that your kids shouldn't brush on their own until AFTER age seven) "we" brush, first mom and then them.  We floss too....  Combine all that with the fact that my kids don't get much sugar and the dentist tends to be pretty painless.  Today, that was not the case.
   The office staff was hugely impressed with Parklen's ability to sit still and cooperate with the x-ray's...even taking more than planned because he was being so good.  He sat so still like a big boy and said in his tiny voice..."mom, are ya proud of me?"  As if I could be anything other than.
   Paysen checked out great, even for a five year old who has already lost TWO teeth, and another ready to go. 
 I could tell that the dentist had something to say when she sat down and looked me in the eyes.  The x-rays showed a huge problem....It seems that a combination of Parklen's disease and his meds are causing his teeth to rot from the inside out, almost all of them. I bet you cant guess what the next step is with that......YOUR RIGHT, we have to go to DENVER.

  The thought of ANOTHER thing for this kid to deal with almost kills me.  Truth is, he doesn't know any different.  He would probably be out of sorts if something in his life was "routine"  He doesn't know a life other than one filled with pain.  So a mouth full of rotten teeth is nothing for him.  in fact...I asked him if his mouth hurt and he said no!

Okay....Just now, I decided that I am done talking about this subject for today.......

Instead, I will say that today was beach day at preschool......and anything involving shorts, sunglasses and water is a good thing. Especially to a five year old........

The nice weather is making for some antsy Henderson's.  We cannot wait to get out on the boat and under the sun.....So long Ice fishing season....Bring on the BOAT!! (I am aware it is still a couple months away for these type of adventures but I am excited none the less.) 

Happy beautiful Wednesday!

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