Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It goes by...........

Life goes by so quickly sometimes.....I promise I blink and a month has passed.  I am patiently (actually impatiently) awaiting the letter confirming the school in which Paysen will attend Kindergarten...I don't do well with the waiting game. Unfortunately...I have no choice.  I am still trying to convince Paysen that staying home with his mom is a much better option than growing up and attending SCHOOL.  He doesn't buy it.

I realized the other day that in just two short months Parklen will be turning four.  This is crazy.  How did this happen.....One moment he is my baby, I am holding and rocking and nursing him....the next he is a big boy.  Each night at dinner he reminds me, "mom, I'm almost big..." Yeah Parky...thanks for reminding me. 

Its one of the strangest things, being a mother.  The most amazing, tender and wonderful gift...blended with the continuous sadness of letting go.  Every day you are watching them need you just a little less.  When Parklen is feeling well he wants to show off his independence, I'm sure this has a lot to do with the times when he needs me so much.  But man, its hard....its very hard for me to stand back, however watching him figure things out is so incredible, and he is working harder each day to do things himself....

Well...here it is, Spring Break.......and in pure Henderson style we are spending it in Denver.....for hospital visits!!  Not the most ideal situation, but we will make due. 

Parklen is having a minor surgery this week, he is getting a Port put in his chest Followed by Three days of treatments.  Depending on how he is feeling, we may....or may not be doing something exciting. 

But, just being in a Hotel makes our boys go crazy.  Since we checked in, Paysen has said "This room is Sweet." more than a hundred times.  They are so precious.  Its the simple things with them.  I am beginning to realize that adapting this perspective would do me some good.

Something small and seemingly insignificant can completely delight my children.  They are thrilled by tiny experiences......excited by the simple.  What bliss would it be, to carry that simplicity through out your life................Never finding the every day mundane.....bypassing the bland and tasting only the seasoning of excitement. 

As I watch the boys loving this little "get away" I find the tears welling up.  I am blessed....I am holding the cup of my life and it is overflowing......

God keeps finding a way to remind me of how much I have....How wonderful my life really is.  This road we're on is more than worth traveling....bumps and all!!

Happy Spring Break!!!

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