Friday, July 6, 2012

whats up....

I feel like I have been really absent from my blog lately.  Not on purpose.....really, or maybe it is.  Life has been more of the same lately.  Sometimes I feel like I have nothing new to write about.  Its just things...repeating themselves...over and over. 

So, I think that maybe people don't want to read my same thoughts....about my troubles....Then someone asks me, "why haven't you been blogging?" So I will.

We are heading down to Denver this coming week.  Me and the boys.  Parklen is getting three more days of treatments and we will talk about what they have come up with as far as the future goes. 

Thanks to his awesome medicine,,(have I mentioned my hatred for Prednisone?) Parklen isn't sleeping all.  Some nights its just restlessness, some....he is completely, crazy wide awake....Sometimes he wakes me up screaming..... its different each night.... but one thing remains the same, he and I are not sleeping. 

The no sleep thing really sets the tone for our days...I am so slow in the morning...slow to rise and slow to really wake up. I feel like I am dragging for at least a couple of hours after getting out of bed, and the kids notice....well not Parklen, he sleeps in.   I am so concerned for this coming school year.....praying Paysen wont be the "late kid." 

I used to be the wife that got up and made her hubby breakfast almost every day.....I haven't seen that lady in a while.  Honestly, a couple hours before he leaves for school is the time I really start sleeping and I don't even hear him go most mornings.  I tried compensating by making a huge batch of breakfast burritos and freezing them for him....which reminds me, he ate them a week ago.....

This brings me to another huge thing going on right now....Devan is in graduate school.  Have you ever been married to someone in graduate school?  Its something....that's for sure.  He spends most of his time at school....I really mean "most."  If he isn't at school he is tucked away in the room, hunched over his desk.....The boys and I have been missing him like crazy.  When I look down the three and a half year road we have till the end....I feel overwhelmed.  When I focus on today instead, I am beaming with pride.  I am so proud of him, for the courage it took to start over, for the dedication he shows each and every day.....For stepping out of his comfort zone....for working hard for our future.  We have decided this is the path for our family, we do what we must to make it work.  We miss each other....but make the most of the time we are together.  I try to help him study...but really, I know nothing about anatomy.....I am good at reading flash cards though..(not really, those are some hard words to pronounce....haha.)  This first semester is just the beginning of many....God willing, we will get through this.

The school thing is hard on Paysen....he really misses his dad.  He's good though, as long as he gets his wrestling time in.,.......

We had a good little break from reality on the fourth....a few hours of relaxation....with some friends.
Tucked away in our favorite hidden spot on the mountain....not doing much.  and it was what we needed. Sometimes.....a group of silly, carefree people is just what the doctor ordered.

Lets leave this little post at that......stay away from the really mushy, feeling type stuff.....for tonight

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