Thursday, October 25, 2012

THAT kid.....

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the kid that barfs at school?  Ya know.....the kid who, in front of the entire class, loses the contents of their stomach.......  Well, after today, Paysen could let ya know what that's like.  He accomplished being the "barf kid" by puking not once BUT twice on the floor of his kindergarten class. 

It has been a week for the Henderson's.....  Parklen picked up an infection and a collection of fluid in his lungs...We had a mishap at the hospital, lots of sleeplessness, and lots of being sick.  God has given Mama a break from her own sickness in order to take care of her babies....which is a huge blessing.

The events leading up to Paysens little mishap at school today are a story all themselves....but for another day.  His white little face peering up at me from the nurses bed was something that I am not used to seeing....the kid just doesn't get sick.  I guess there is a family balance in that fact.  Give him a couple hours on the couch and he got his color and energy back. 

We still dont know where Parklen's lungs will lead us but for now, he is ok.

So, at the end of this day, I am thankful for the past three days without vomiting....thankful for the baby bump that has popped in those three days, thankful for short lived sick days with Paysen, thankful for a husband I can lean on and count on for my need for strawberry Gatorade.....and thankful for the lemon cake resting peacefully in my belly.....

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