Saturday, October 15, 2011


Lately things have been CRAZY.....not to say that things aren't always this way but I am really noticing it lately.   Devan has been working too much and between that and school we haven't seen him nearly enough the last couple months. We have been flying through each day at rapid speed....barely stopping to eat or rest.

Parklen has been feeling up and down, had a case of pneumonia, other small sicknesses and recently Denver discovered an infection in his intestines......treating him with meds and he is on the mend...  More importantly, Parklen has been going to pre-school, and along with me to Bible Study and the tears have slowed down incredibly.  He is growing and he is loving it.  His teacher took time to call me yesterday evening and shared that he is a complete joy, he gets along with all the kids, has fun and you would never know he is sick.  He recently qualified for services again and now has two new women in his life, and one old friend.....Bre is back!!! 

Parklen had his first session of Physical Therapy this past week, it began with tears but he ended up loving it and has asked to go back every day since!!!  He will have Occupational Therapy Sessions  as well as time with Bre as his special teacher.  That's three separate sessions he will be attending!!  We are so excited!!! 

Denver has decided that if he is doing well in a week, we wont have to travel south until JANUARY!!! I may be just a little bit excited about this nugget of information.   And My prayers are focused on Parklen's healing. 

Paysen has turned five, and all of the sudden, he is grown up.   He amazes me every day.  He is ready for kindergarten.....spelling, writing, and learning a ton.   Everything that he does he says, "I can do this now because I am five."  We have added more chores to his days and more responsibilities as well.

We lost our old dog a few weeks ago, I had to put the old girl down....something that I will NEVER ever do again for as long as I live.  After only a few days we were suckered into a new puppy....luckily we found our perfect pup at the pound.  And now, here we are, with a puppy.....In large part we have made her Paysen's in which he has gladly accepted and is doing very well at (because he is five)

I have never had but one dog, and defiantly never a puppy.....interesting at best.   Our little Lily has had it rough....Parklen has already tried flushing her down the toilet, throwing her in the trash, and making sure she is aware that he is the baby in these parts.  I'm hoping this jealously will change before things get too out of hand....although, possibly the toilet could have already been a jump over the line.
We had these beautiful photos taken by a wonderful  and godly woman, blessed with incredible talent and a loving heart.  If you don't know her, you should and I would be happy to give you some information if you want her to take your pictures. 

In the hustle and bustle of life in recent days I have had to force myself to slow down, relax and be thankful for what God has done in my life.  My schedule is full, I have very little free time, I am tired and worn down....but I have a family that loves me, and friends that care.

Next month will mark exactly 3 years since Parklen became ill.  Its hard to believe that.  Reflecting on what God has done in Parklen's life and our lives through Parklen gives me a sense of peace.  God has never left my side and although I am feeling weary I know that on him I may rest. 

When I look at my boys I cannot help but be thankful.  I am thankful for their messes, thankful for the screams, thankful for the poopy diapers and the vomit...I am just thankful that they are here.  That I am their mom and that God has entrusted me with such a responsibility.

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