Thursday, October 20, 2011


What a heck of a week.....I seriously went to sleep last Wednesday and woke up and a week has passed....I feel like the past week was a blurr.  This is typical of a busy schedule. Running every day and at rapid speeds keeps me in a haze.  ENOUGH already.

I am starting a new....I am throwing out clothes....throwing out junk, toys and clutter....I am cleaning my car and vowing that there be no more snacks eaten en route...(I know that this is gonna be broken already....Parky cant stop eating for anything)   I need some organization, a more balanced schedule...possibly a planner....I forget a lot of things.... 

I am pretty sure this process may take a couple weeks....squeezing the new start into my old life is tricky....but it will be done.

There is a lot stacked on my plate...medicine dispensing, therapy sessions, pre-school, play dates, Dr appointments...oh and I am a wife.....the list goes on. and HONESTLY my other responsibilities are house is messy, dishes are left UN-done, laundry is piling up and really....its hard to get it under control.

I haven't had a conversation with my husband that lasted longer than 30 minutes in weeks....Its time for a slow down. 

and what better way to motivate than to advertise my short comings.  I am certain that I will get a grip on my life.  CERTAIN. 

.....I can feel God lift the weight off of my shoulders, even if its just long enough for me to catch my breath.....

After all, what weight do dirty dishes and stacks of laundry carry when I am blessed beyond measure....

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