Saturday, October 29, 2011

my friend.....

I watched my friend today.....
I watched her as she gave out hugs and handshakes....
I watched her smile,
I watched her glowing pregnant face...........
I watched as she held her head high,
I watched her overflow with with God's love,
I listened as people talked about her strength...
I watched my friend today,
It was a day to celebrate the life of her mother that has left us far too soon.
For me, It was a day of affirmation,
If you know where you going,
Death is nothing to fear.......
If you know the ones that you love are heading there also,
Their death is nothing to fear...
Sadness was in the room for the loss of a wonderful woman,
But there was joy there also,
Joy because we know where she is walking,
We know the hand that holds on to hers.
I was inspired by my friend today,
Inspired by her faith
and so thankful for people like her in my life.
I will forever miss her mom, a woman that touched my life in many ways.
A woman who, in life showed me many things,
A woman who, in death, helped to renew my faith.....

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