Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So you may think I would be upset when Paysen's Sunday School teacher (also a friend of mine)  told me that he had announced during Sunday School that his mom had told him that she wouldn't be feeding him lunch so he needed extra snacks.  Well, yeah I was. .. . a little.  Why do kids say these things?  As if my child  has ever gone more than 20 minutes with out stuffing his face, let alone been forced to skip lunch.

Although, the statement made was more of a lie than anything else, it amazes me a little. We are born with this natural ability to IMAGINE.  I don't really want to begin to try and figure out how Paysen even thought up this story, but I do like to think about his ability to tell one.

The imagination of a child baffles my mind. The trick is going to be channeling the wonder into outlets a little less deceitful.  Paysen has a thing, he loves to tell stories.  He makes a huge spectacle of it.  It usually begins with, "Once upon a time..." the stories are usually about spiders, or snakes, or little boys who go on adventures. . .   he is a great story teller.  We go back and forth with the stories.  Sometimes it seems to go on forever. . . .

We have yet to introduce video games, I don't think this will come anytime soon.  I am, in a way against them.  Paysen and Parklen will go for hours with imaginative play.  They pretend to be on boats, trains, trucks. . .going to grandmas, camping, hiking and thanks to "Diary of A Wimpy Kid" They even pretend to go to Middle School.  I don't want to take away their imagination and replace it with sitting around using their thumbs.  Call me old fashion but I want the kids who look forward to playing outside, going on walks, pursuing adventure.  That's who they are now, and that's who I want them to be forever. . . trust me I know that the question will come someday for an X-box. But, until then......................

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