Monday, February 14, 2011


Thinking today about words, the way that they just don't mean what they used to.  There was a time when what you said meant something, when spoken words were worth more than what they are today. 

In these times, saying "Till death do we part" really means, "Till I decide I don't like or love you anymore" or "Till I find someone better."  Little remains sacred about marriage.  People are getting married to have a wedding or because they think that they are in love.  They fail to think past the honeymoon, ten years or twenty years down the road.  To remember that marriage is a partnership, and that we are all human and far from perfect. 

Now a days to say " I am a Christian" really doesn't mean what it should.  This was spoken about on Sunday at church.  Jesus says that if we are following him and trying to be like him as he has called, then we will be hated like he was.  This is such a powerful thought for me. I mean really powerful. I think of my own life and see how I fall short. 

We are so selfish to think that this is our life we are living.  To think that God owes us this life.  To think that its ok to sprinkle a little Jesus on whatever we have going on.  The big picture is simple. . .This isn't our life, it was a gift. . . .God doesn't owe us a thing (he has already given the largest gift with Jesus on the cross)  We shouldn't be thinking of Him on Sunday mornings or when we need something from him, we should be thinking of him ALL the time. 

There has been a time of continuous months of prayer that Devan and I have had the past couple of years.  I think back to these times, of course it was because we NEEDED something.  I believe we have always trusted God with our family but we haven't always lived like he was the most important thing.  Our baby was sick, this led us to continued prayer.

As our Pastor says, "do you really love God, or just the stuff he gives you?"

Are you a christian when its convenient or all the time?  Do you try to fit in and say what is acceptable to whom you are with?  Or profess your belief? What a thought........Do all the people who know me know that I love Jesus? 

I want to live as an example, especially to my children.  I want them to believe that what they say matters. I want them to think before they speak.  I want them to tell everyone about God and what he has done for them. 

 "For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."  Mathew 12:34b

My words should reflect what is in my heart. . . . . .

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