Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I was thinking tonight about the many nurses that have affected my life. I was thinking about the great and wonderful women who have had such an impact on Parklen and myself as his mother.

What makes a good nurse? To me a wonderful nurse is one that not only works by the book but by the heart as well. The one’s that don’t just treat the patient but the family too. The nurse that can look you in the eye and know when you need a hug, or a walk or just a good cry. The nurse who could read me and knew how much I loved Jesus and took the time to pray with me.

The good nurse is the one you trust enough, to leave her with your child alone while you run down stairs to grab your first bite to eat in 24 hours. The nurse who not just includes you in your child’s care but puts your opinion above all others.

The one who remembers your name, and listens to your concerns. The Nurse who fills in as your emotional support when your husband couldn’t be by your side. The nurse who requests to be in your room on her next shift.

The woman who sees the desperation of a mother and spends the extra 30 minutes, in the middle of the night, re-situating cords and tubes and re-hooking up the machines as she places your son in your arms, just so you can hold your baby after his latest surgery.

I have had the experience of not so good nurses too, the ones that treat your child like a text book. The one’s who don’t value what a mom has to say…..the one’s who don’t share, even a smile. These were few and far between. I have made friends in the nurses that have looked after Parklen. I have shared intimate moments with these women, I have shared my life story, my pain and my rejoicing in my son’s recovery and my Lord.

It’s a somewhat random thing to think about now. Parklen hasn’t been in the hospital for a number of months. I suppose its because I am just reflecting on the past year. . . .it has been just a year after all since his long awaited diagnosis and the beginning of his treatment. A year ago this month.

I know many nurses in my personal life, I look up to them in the profession they have chosen. I know not how they are at work, but I know that they have the power to change people’s lives. I know that the nurses that changed my life will be cherished in my heart forever.


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