Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Driving to Denver this morning brought many thoughts to my head. . . Of course I was thinking of answers to a two year olds questions. . . "Mom, what would happen if a tree fell on our car?"  "Mom what would happen if i dropped my goldfish crackers into my water?"    But the deeper thoughts included revisiting who I was just over a year ago.   

It was February of last year that I first made that drive alone with my then one year old son.  All the times before were with Devan. . .he has lived all over and is good at driving wherever we may roam. Me, on the other hand, grew up in Douglas (a small SMALL town) and had never driven in a place larger than Cheyenne or Casper where we live. 

The days before I left I would cry, cry because I didn't want to carry this burden alone of going to the hospital, and cry because I had to at the time. . .but honestly I would mostly cry because I was scared of the drive.  Scared I would get lost, afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with the Colorado drivers(come on they do drive fast!)    I know how silly this sounds but it was the truth at this time. 

It has been over a year of driving this drive alone. . . and I am secretly so proud of myself for doing it!  I get excited that I don't need the GPS, that I know when the exits are and which lane to be in. . . I get excited that I am OK to do it. 

The drive is peaceful in a way because I am doing it. . .just driving.  No crazy freaking out, no nervousness. . .just driving.

Today when we checked into the hospital they asked how I thought they could get Parklen to take a laxative every two hours. . .it has to be dissolved in 8 ounces of liquid and drank completely.  I thought for a second and then belted out "SODA"  the nurse looked at me strangely so I explained. . .my children are completely tortured. . .they aren't allowed soda, little juice and really only given milk or water. . I do get a little crazy sometimes and allow a glass of chocolate almond milk with dinner but otherwise I am pretty strict on what they eat and drink...  I KNEW that if they gave him the medicine in a sprite the kid would suck it down!!! I was right. . . they give you an hour to drink each dose and Parklen finished his in 5 minutes. . .

The lack of tears in this photo is reason enough to allow some Soda. . .he is pretty excited that he gets to drink it all day today and tomorrow morning. . . . the excitement may fade when the hunger sets in, he cant eat until tomorrow night. . . .

This is our view from the room, Parky loves to press his chubby cheeks against the glass and ask repeatedly, "what would happen if I fell down there?" and I say, "what do you think?" "I would get an owie."  I think he's right.

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