Thursday, April 7, 2011


 My sweet Parklen, there is none like him.  He has abundant character and he is only two. (I am ignoring the fact that he turns 3 next month.)  He is sweet, he is strong. . .he is stubborn and he is smart.  He melts every one's heart who he meets. .. . .and he is mine, my baby.
What else can you do when your trapped in a hospital room? play hide and seek. . . this is the first time he got to stay in his Jammies in the hospital.  It didn't last long but he was so excited for the time it did.  He told every nurse, doctor, tech and therapist that came in the HE was Spider man. . .

Parky showing his enjoyment as he watches woody.
There is not a whole lot of options for a two year old who cant leave his room. Parky is obsessed with Toy Story 3. . .I mean really obsessed.  Since checking into the hospital we have watched it over 7 or 8 times. (we have also watched a few other flicks, there is a lot of time to kill)  I don't like to watch The third installment of the Toy story series because it REALLY makes me cry.  Call me an emotional baby, but I cannot sit through it without the tears.  I guess it makes me sad because it make me think of my boys growing up. . .going off to college, leaving home and not being included in my EVERY day.   BUT he just keeps on asking to watch Woody and Buzz-nightmare, yes he really thinks that's his name!

This kid and I have a bond. . . its not just the normal Mother-son bond. . .its more.  Its built on surgeries, sickness, pokes, sleepless night, comfort, facing fear, and always being together.  I've said it before but Parky doesn't have to wonder who will be by his side. . .he knows that his mommy is always there. 

How lucky could we be to have a view of the construction?  They are adding another wing to this wonderful hospital. . .and we get to watch the action. If you have a boy, you can imagine the excitement of watching this giant effort. 

There are so many wonderful things that happen within the walls of this hospital, I could take days to tell of the wonderful stories.  One thing that they do: they have a volunteer office, and these volunteers come by your room bringing gifts for your child.  A lot of these gifts are home-made by other children, families or just caring people.  This is the frog blanket that Parky received yesterday morning. . .he hasn't let go of it since

He fell asleep on his way to procedure yesterday. . .I pulled him along in the wagon and he just slept.  He didn't wake up until they tried to put him under. . . he is a tired boy.

I have learned a trick to Parky after any procedure, don't wake him up!  When he is awoken from anesthesia he freaks out, have had many recovery nurses tell me hes the worst they've seen.  So, I say to them, don't wake him up.  Leave him alone. . .let him sleep and THEN he wakes up better. . .on his own,

Parky cries, When he has had as much as he can take, when he isn't getting his way, when he wants his Datty(he says daddy in a very British accent) When he misses his brother, when he hasn't eaten in 28 hours, when Parky cries, he really cries. . . there is no stopping him. . .you cant do a thing but love him and let him cry. . .and so, when the nurses are coming in and out asking if I need a break from the crying, when they tell me they think I am going to go crazy. . .I smile, I smile and say "I'm not leaving my baby" so I let him cry, I hold him if he wants, I hold his hand if he doesn't. . .I look at him, I smile at him and I let him cry. 

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