Monday, April 25, 2011

Happenings. . . .

Made this little guy a while ago. . . .not so sure about the stuffed animal making quite yet.- . .-

In the midst of our everyday chaos we Celebrate Easter, the day our Lord conquered the grave.
.  It was a perfect day according to my standards, Beginning with a Wonderful Church Service (minus the GIANT fit thrown by Parklen)  Followed by time spent with the family, taking some photos and enjoying the amazing weather. . . .Which reminds me, is it SUMMER YET? 

Sitting outside, laughing, being silly, and posing for some shots. . . .LOVE IT. 
Lunch was eaten on the porch, Eggs were hunted, fun was had....
We ate a Thanksgiving style dinner. . . .Our family plus my mom and Sister.
We dyed some eggs, We made some pie, we played a "friendly" game of Taboo, of which Devan and I RULED. . . we are super good at this game, We know each other so well that its not even a contest. We ALWAYS win. . . ALWAYS, and we will take on any challengers......

My three reasons. . . Reasons to smile, Reasons to love.....

Our family, This is what I always hoped for. . . This is what I am thankful for, This is what I am blessed with.

My husband, My best friend,  my other half.

Yes, Parklen is terrified in this picture, he had that same look when Devan took him down a water slide.
To be a mother, to always have someone to hold, to know a different love than any other, to give yourself away, to see proof of creation, to hug a gift from God. . . . . True blessings.

We three, it was us that was first a family, us three.  It started with two, then grew to three and for a while it was.  Our first boy, our life changer, our wrestling, drawing, singing, laughing. . . . . Paysen. 

Right now there is so much to be stressed about.  If I stop for a second and think about things I cannot control the tears that fall.  I find comfort in the chaos, comfort in Prayer and comfort in other's problems. I try not to think about whats happening inside my babies body.  I try to steer clear of dwelling. . .I try to be polite when I call The Children's Hospital every day to hear answers and still get none...........I try to hold him tighter when he cries, I try to kiss his chubby cheeks even more, I try to speak even sweeter when he wakes me in the middle of the night.  I try to give my all to Paysen when I can. . .try to ease his frustration with his crying brother. . . .But the truth is I feel sad, sad for both my children, sad for us as parents, sad for the waiting and sad that I feel sad. . . . .I know that in the end, God is in control, that's enough to get me through another day. 

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  1. Amanda, you are a woman that has so much wisdom. You are truly a blessing. I stand in awe of you. You are in my prayers daily.