Saturday, April 2, 2011

How we ride. . .

It has felt like an eternity that we have been locked in doors, if its not freezing outside then Paklen hasn't felt well enough to go out.. . . . The weather is a changin!!

We had a wonderful time with some dear friends last night, it started with some chit-chat, turned to some home-made pizza, and ended with a night time family bike ride, outside wrestling matches with the boys, faces skinned on sidewalks, and a little bug adventure.

Little P's bundled up for some riding.

Parky and his best little buddy having some hugs!  These two will melt your heart and crack you up, they are pretty much the same size and they run after each other, copy one another's moves, and laugh non-stop. 
The Three boys, they were full of energy after our ride and spent some time taking it out on the grass, sidewalk and wrestling. (Some of these pictures are from Devan's Camera and I don't love the date in the corner. . . . . )
Our friends Cody, Courtney and Everette.  This is a family we are blessed to know.  Devan met Cody in College and the rest is history, good people.
After the ride I felt like I was going to VOMIT, it has been a while since I got myself a good workout and I am thinking it wasn't the best idea to choose a bike ride, pulling two boys behind me (that I might mention both weigh in at 36 pounds)  When I was so out of shape.  I was hurtin when we were done, but man I feel good this morning.
Devan looks so handsome, even in the dark. . . .we all wore headlamps  on our ride. .
The night was so peaceful, it was quiet. . .we rode the path along the river and could hear water trickling and roaring over the rapids. . .the sounds of the bridges creaking, and the boys laughing. 
The river made Paysen a little nervous, he repeatedly said,"mom, you be careful, you don't want to fall in the river. . ."   and he's right, I didn't.

Courtney and I, I feel the need to say that this girl rides her bike to work every day and runs like a maniac, she didn't break a sweat on this ride. . .I was SOAKED....

I didn't post the pictures where they were making weird faces, it was hard to find one where they weren't.  
In true boy style they were so excited about the bugs we let into the house, laughing in delight as they touched each tiny flyer.   Two certain men have convinced these poor boys that there is a giant bug creature that lives in the furnace at the Thomas house.. .Last night they finally caught a glimpse of it.   

I love the outdoors, I love to be outside, I love to ride my bike and go for walks and runs, and camp and fish and sit, and play and pretty much anything you can do outside the walls of your home. . . .The recent weather is lifting my spirits and filling me with excitement I can barely contain.  Here we go Spring!!!!

The spontaneity of my husband makes me smile, a night-time ride in the dark, nothing I would ever choose myself. . . .now added to my list of favorites.,

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