Friday, June 8, 2012

Canceled plans.....

Almost every day, there is an occurrence of concern with Parklen's cough.  In public, people stare at me as though I am the worst mother for bringing my clearly "sick" child out.....In the hospital, we get moved rooms a lot, because the mothers around us don't want their children catching whatever it is that Parklen has.  I want to scream at the top of my lungs.......I want a t-shirt that says.."My child's cough is NOT is caused by his diseased lungs....diseased with something that you CANNOT catch"  and then I would probably add in, "My child is also on high dose steroids, so quit staring as he has an emotional break down."

It is such a relief to me that Parklen doesnt notice the stares, or the concern about his cough....He doesnt realize that people dont want to be around him.....he just keeps on going, as if moving rooms again and again.... is such an adventure.  Im not so sure how I will deal with these situations when Parklen realizes what people around him are thinking.....maybe move to a deserted island.....

Parklen's oral surgery has been canceled for this afternoon.  His lungs are too concerning to put him under would defiantly result in an extended stay.  There isn't enough urgent concern about his teeth to risk it now. 

This Kid wants to be a doctor helping kids in Africa when he grows up.......The story leading up to this decision should really be a post in, maybe soon.  He was very interested in watching them access Parklen's port the other day.....a procedure that requires everyone around to wear a mask...

We are in the infusion clinic right now, the last treatment for the month, pumping in through his port.  He is cranky and feeling lousy.....and me, I feel the same.

We will leave Denver this afternoon and head towards our favorite lake.  The cancellation of Parklen's surgery is a hidden blessing for us....The boys don't know it yet, but we are going to have a family camp out, and I will tell you one thing for sure......some time away from every ONE and every THING....time with my love and my babies, on the lake...under the sun, with a pole in JUST what I need.

Remembering to be thankful for this hospital, for these doctors.....even when I am feeling frustrated.
Being thankful for canceled plans, and looking foward to a sun tan and some fish in my belly.

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