Saturday, June 30, 2012

OH Snap..... :)

Thought I would share a few photos from a few recent sessions.......For those of you not on Facebook...

This little gal is a heart melter......the daughter of one of my oldest and dearest friends.  We grew up together and our families have been friends since birth.  I've always had a feeling that she would be the best Mama....I was right........and seriously, How cute is this BABY!?!?!

Talk about some love....this is one of my all time favorite fams.....True friends....We have been in love with this family since the word GO.  I was blessed to capture some of their spirit in their photos. 

Another Gal Pal......and her Sweety... This was a fun night with these two crazy love birds....Lots of laughs!  I taught this young lady years ago at Cosmetology School.  She is such a wonderful person, one of the best I know.....thrilling to do these photos for her.  I should probably also mention that both of my boys are convinced that she is their girlfriend....I havent had the heart to share these photos with them.....

As you can see, I have been keeping myself kinda busy as of late.  My Boys are not used to Mommy having anything of her own to worry say they are NOT adjusting well would be an understatment.....we will ease into this, but for now....I am up late.  Nothing new....  Parklen has been keeping me company, when his meds keep him up, he has set up camp at my feet........Playing games or asking questions, for hours.

This little Venture I am on is such a blessing...I am loving every minute. I am thankful for every minute!!!!

Lots of other stuff going on.....I promise another post, soon.

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