Friday, June 1, 2012


This is how I found my five year old yesterday......sitting in the yard, in front of a self made fire pit....holding a magnifying glass.....trying to start a FIRE....  Can you say, Trouble??  Trouble for sure....but really, I have to be a little proud of how smart he is....I mean COME ON, he made that pit all by himself. 

The last week or so have been super busy.....filled with craziness. I have had a million ups and downs.   Many doors have been opening for me lately....Doors that lead to a personal passion of mine.  After much prayer and encouragement from my family and friends.....I have been taking steps towards pursuing photography.  Starting small....have had a lot of wonderful people volunteer to help me practice.  And, thanks to one of the most amazing women I know, I have already gotten to experience what its like to photograph a wedding. 

I have often dreamt of following this path, but over the past few years....I have stuffed any personal dreams down.  Knowing that my time is limited, I am needed by one particular person almost every moment and by a couple other quite often as well.  I have felt that "someday" God would open doors for me.  I have known that he has a plan for my life......I have just been letting him guide and direct....and He has led me here. 

Kind of exciting.....and a little bit scary. 

 We are heading down to Denver in a few days.....Parklen will get some treatments, and an oral surgery to repair almost all the teeth in his mouth.  The treatments don't excite me.  I am going to have a serious talk with the main Doc while we are in the hospital.  I don't want to continue the treatments if they aren't working.....which, we know they aren't.  There has been talk about going down more frequently...(as if once a month isn't frequent enough) Maybe every couple of weeks.....I don't know.  But what I do know is this.....There are long term side effects I am not interested in my baby experiencing if he is not benefiting from the medicine. 

Been praying a lot about my attitude in dealing with the upcoming week.  As with every other month...I have the normal knot in my stomach.  Knowing that things will turn out ok.....but hoping that they turn out even better than that. 

Thankful for the opportunities that are coming my way....thankful for a family to love....thankful for the summertime, and thankful for little boys who dream of making fire. 

In my ideal world.....I would do this.....write, write and photograph...... This is what I have been thinking for years...... and then it occurred to me......that is exactly what you have been doing.
And so I will................

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