Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Break. . .

It has been a fun couple of months of celebrating!! There has been Thanksgiving, My Birthday, Christmas and New Years!! With all of the Excitement there has been I still have to say I am ready for a Break from Holidays!  I am happy that the tree is gone and happy that the new year has begun!  It seems as though our family eats up a year in a blink of an eye. . .2010 was a great year for us........Devan had a successful year of schooling, We moved into our new home, we discovered tball and soccer for Paysen and we finally got the diagnosis that we had been waiting for on Parklen.  I sum it up as a success.
  The boys are now at an age where they really appreciate the existence of one another, they are no longer just brothers, they are friends.  It is a joy to watch your children love each other!!
 Paysen on Christmas Eve! The festivities had just begun so I am really unsure why he looks so tired.

Parky on Christmas Eve. . .He was soooo hot he had to take off his shirt!

Parky lost a fight with a coffee table and ended up with quite a nice bump, bruise and black eye!
It was a hard hit and no matter what Parklen has been through it still hurts his mama when he gets hurt!

Been a great couple of weeks. . . .going to be a busy couple coming up. . .Paysen is getting his tonsils out on Thursday and he has never had anything drastic happen to his health. Should be another adventure!

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