Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Well, as it seems. . .you can accomplish a lot when you CAN’T LEAVE YOUR HOUSE!!! Paysen is still recovering from his tonsillectomy last week. . .and by recovering I mean. . .barely eating or drinking. .crying a lot and slobbering everywhere. Its not like I am not used to taking care of a sick child. I’ve done that. But the child that is usually sick is much different than the current. Parklen has gotten some- what used to being sick (When he is) He knows what to expect, takes medicine with ease, and I just know how to comfort him,

Paysen is no good at being sick. He has barely experienced feeling ill in his short life. I can recall, maybe 3 ear infections, and strep throat twice. For a four year old that’s pretty good. Truth is he is breaking my heart. He wont take medicine with out a fight, doesn’t understand that the more you cry the more you hurt. And the worst part is when he feels good for a few minutes, he jumps up to play. . .plays so hard for that short time and then feels worse than before.

Nurse at the surgical center said “Make sure that he doesn’t play hard for the next two weeks at least.” Ummm lady, you OBVIOUSLY don’t have a boy at home. You cant keep them down, try as you may.

Paysen cant go out for the rest of the week so we are home. Being a stay at home mom, for me does not really mean staying at home. It seems I am always running around, paying bills, going to the store, running to pre-school, hurrying to Parklen’s therapy, doctors appointments and so on. By the time we get home most days, I can barely get the dishes done before I have to start dinner. I am not complaining about my life, just the fact that there are about a billion little projects that have been sitting for years that I just cant seem to find the time (or motivation) to complete.

This week is my project week. . . .already, since Monday, I have rearranged both boys’ rooms, organized their closets (this includes getting rid of tons of toys, and finding very interesting treasures they have stowed away) vacuumed under the couches, dusted the never dusted, played some games with the boys, organized their arts and crafts. . . . . Tomorrow I begin a project I have put off for far too long (about two and a half years to be exact) I will start Parklen’s scrap book, I have all of the stuff ready to go and I have for the past 2 years, I just have to get it in the book. There is a lot to document on that kids life.

I keep trying to understand what Paysen is saying to me each time he talks. . .I gotta say, it’s a little tough. Earlier “oo oooo eeee iiiii ooooote?” After a few minutes of saying “What?” “Honey I cannot understand you?” I figured out he was saying, “Do you think I'm cute?” Such a question from my slobbery, sick boy. And of course I do. . . .
We will most likely resume our busy life next week, but for now I am enjoying being a STAY AT HOME mom. . . . .

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