Monday, January 24, 2011


It is very sad when my two year old son says, while I am carrying him, "mom, I don't wanna fall down."  He says this because, well, I fall down a lot. I am really good at falling down, but I am also really good at making sure its me that gets hurt and not him. 

I guess my gracefulness is where Parklen gets his.  This kid is a walking bruise.  He, AT ALL TIMES, has either a black eye, goose egg, scrape, bruise, gash or something bloody.  I am lucky that he is my 2nd child, I got most of my crying out when Paysen used to fall. . . . it still hurts me, but I am much more relaxed.  Had he been my first, I would probably have heart problems from watching him get hurt so much.

He falls, he cries, "mommy, you have to kiss it."  So I do.  Then the crying is done. 

Parklen's attitude is priceless.  He will always do it himself, unless its walking. . . .he insists that he cannot walk. . . HE is where I get my muscles, my constant built in work out!  He wants to give a million kisses, loves and squeezes.  He doesn't like to share, unless its his idea.  He loves his brother, (unless he wants him to share.)

He takes his medicine with a smile, sees the doctors with out a frown.  He says "Thank you" to the people who draw his blood. 

Parklen loves our poor old dog, who is constantly hiding from him and his roughness, I keep thinking he needs a puppy. . .wild as him.

He looks like his daddy and has the same stubborn attitude.  He dances like his mom, which isn't such a good thing. 

He will eat almost anything, besides fruit.

Parklen loves to wrestle, unless he isn't the one on top. . .

The best thing about Parklen is, no matter what, where or how. . . he will choose his mommy.  He loves me like no one ever has. . .we have such a special bond, built on hospital stays, surgeries, pokes, sleepless nights, getting sick. . . and us, always together.  There hasn't been a thing that has happened to my baby that I wasn't there for.  He knows that he can scream, get sick on me, wake me up, be afraid of whats next, and I am there. 

There is a very special thing you learn from a child like Parklen, actually a very special MANY things you learn.       
                      Be thankful, even for the messes, the tears, the screams, the lack of sleep
                      Be thankful.
                      I have learned that life is so sacred, so fragile and so quick. 
                      I love the lessons I take with me.
                      I love my little Parky.

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