Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last sick day. . . .

Today will be my last sick day with Paysen.  I am sending him to school in the morning.  He says that he is ready to go back and then in the next breath says he cant eat anything but ice cream because his throat just hurts too bad.  Cracks me up that he thinks he is fooling me......Trust me, I know that he is doing rather well, I know that he could choke down some mashed potatoes....but I just don't care.  I don't care that he is feeling better and wants to continue to milk the situation.  I don't care that he thinks he is smarter than me.  All I care about is giving him a sense of comfort. 

Paysen has suffered much with his brother being ill.  Sometimes I am sure that it is harder on him than anyone else in our family.  He is been shuffled between family members, left behind as the rest of his family headed south. He has witnessed a sense of torture upon his brother......pokes, tests, tubes, surgeries and ICU visits.  He was only two when his brother first was sick, hard stuff for a two year old to grasp......

I know there were times when Paysen felt left out and probably not very important.  Its a hard thing to explain to him but as he grows he becomes more aware and more compassionate towards his little brother. 

So I will enjoy this last sick day, I will baby my big boy until the sun goes down.  I will let him think that he has me fooled.  And tomorrow, well we will see what tomorrow brings. . . .

Paysens very first day of pre-school!


  1. He looks so much like Decanter! Man the Henderson's are some good looking people! ;-)

  2. Lil Decanter! Stupid spell check on phone!!