Saturday, January 15, 2011

One of the most important things I have learned is that LOVE is not a feeling. It is mistaken for a feeling all the time. . . .people divorce because they don’t “love” each other anymore, have affairs because they have fallen in “love” with someone else, say “I love you” to their spouse without showing them that they do. God says to “Love your neighbor as yourself” I am sure that we all know people that we see as completely unlovable. . .meaning we don’t like them, they are different from us in such a way we cant relate. . .I have learned that Love is not a feeling at all, LOVE is an action.
When you love your spouse, you show them everyday. You do things, you ACT. You take action in a way that they know. . . . .To love your neighbor as yourself is to take action, going out of your way to help someone in need, treating all people you meet with a sense of respect, remembering that you don’t know what their story is, but you can LOVE them.

I hope to teach my kids to LOVE people.  In our house, the word HATE is considered a bad word, I love to think of the world through the eyes of my boys.  They are so sweet and kind (when they arent punching each other, wrestling, etc) They are simple, they speak the truth (even when its the last thing that you want to hear.) They want to grow up to be like their dad, Paysen cant wait till he can go to college WITH his dad (I dont know how I will feel if Devan is still in college in 14 years)

Today Paysen said, "I keep wishing that Parky would just grow up, I just keep on wishing but he just wont."  What he means by this, I am sure, is he wishes they were the same size so that Parky could keep up with him. . . .Isnt it crazy how we say things like " I can't wait till the boys are bigger" or when were young, " I cant wait till Im older"  Life goes so quickly, to just enjoy the moment were in. . . . thats ideal.

We went see a family friend of Devan’s in the hospital yesterday. He is dying of Cancer. One day he is going along, just fine, and then. . . . He begins to get headaches, he drives himself to the hospital and he has a brain tumor. Life is so fragile. . .it can change in a blink of an eye. Usually, you just go through each day, living as you please, never giving a thought to your end.

I thank God for the health he has given me for the time being, and for the joy of my family. And I pray for those who are hurting.

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