Thursday, January 13, 2011

The way he loves me

I have been extremely spoiled lately by my husband. . .I am talking extremely.  I am not going to lie, its been awesome. . . I cant put my finger on the exact time of the beginning of this extreme. . . .but whats it matter?

For Christmas Devan always gives me my gifts about the beginning of December because he just cant wait. . .This year I decided I wasn't having it.  One day (about two weeks early) Devan came storming in the house with a giant plastic bag. . ."Okay sit down I have your present" "I don't want it" "You HAVE to open it and if you don't you will be really mad at yourself. . .trust me"  "fine"  Well I closed my eyes and when I opened them there was the camera I have been wanting for more than 5 years now. . . not just the camera, an extra lens, bag, accessories. . .WOW. I started  screaming so loud, "WHAT DID YOU DO?" the boys were like, "mom are you okay? Whats wrong?"  nice spoil. . .

There is few moments when I don't feel like the MOST important girl in the world. I casually mentioned that I wished we had dead locks on our doors, few days later there was.  Might have said a little something about wishing our hot water lasted longer. . .soon enough, a new water heater.  I am not sure if I proclaimed the need for a new dishwasher (I am sure, I did, many times! ) but I am now washing dishes in a new one. 

Devan is so busy with school and work and homework and being a dad that I sort of expect to be the one left out. . . yet, he stays up late to sit and listen to me talk about things that, lets face it, he doesn't care about.  He laughs at my jokes, he thinks I'm funny (or at least he pretends too) He doesn't mind my ridiculous dance breaks. . . .I would estimate the times he tells me that I look good, or pretty or that I am beautiful each day. . .but honestly there are days when I can't count. 

If you know Devan, you know that he has an incredible sense of style. . . .I am not disabled fashion wise, I just sometimes don't care.. . . I will buy something cheap over something I really want any day.  Devan does this funny thing. . .Lets say I buy myself a hat, I am proud of this hat (especially the stellar price I snagged it at) I begin to wear this hat every day when I go out. . .Devan doesn't like the hat, he wont say "hey I don't like that hat" because he doesn't want to hurt my feelings.  A couple weeks after my purchase, a package comes in the mail. . . Devan has bought me a new hat. Honestly, its the best hat ever, and I love it. I would never buy this hat for myself.  So I try it on and Devan says, "wow, that looks great, you look good, you should start wearing THAT hat."  Funny.

We haven't been together for an eternity, but I will say that we have faced some difficult times together.  I have known people who divorced over one of the many problems we have overcome.  Its been almost 6 years of marriage and 7 together and I can honestly say, he is my best friend.  If it came down to a choice of being whisked away on a girls vacation or just sitting around with my Devan, I would choose him every time. 

Its the relationships that we have in life that help to make us who we are. I am thankful for the way that Devan loves me, for never having to wonder how he feels about us, to know that he loves God as much as me and that he loves me as much as I love him.  I love the way he loves me.