Monday, October 28, 2013


Today is the last day before the transplant..............

It was a very strange day...........

I felt like I was walking through a haze.
I am sure it was my minds way of dealing with the anticipation.

We sure have come a long way since his first hospitalization..........
It is strange to think that he was the exact age that Phin is right now when he first showed symptoms......

He was so small.
He still is.
Such a brave boy.
Such an inspiration.
Full of courage.

I had a chance to do something today.
An amazing opportunity,

They usually have to give the donors a pint of blood after surgery, because of all that they take out.
I was able to donate a pint of blood myself,
for them to give to Paysen.

I really cant explain the feeling it gave me....
I felt like I was actually doing something for my child.
It was a chance to physically give of myself.

I could have just let them give him blood from the bank.....
Parklen gets it all the time,
It is safe.

But they gave me the option and I was so excited to take it.

Fast forward to the actual donation................
Piece of cake,
until I tried to get up.
I almost passed out,

My blood pressure had dropped too low.
They wouldn't let me leave.
I had to sit and sip Orange Juice for close to an hour as they continued to check my blood pressure.....
I was embarrassed.
I spent a lot of time trying to defend myself.....
Making sure they knew I was no wuss.....
that they knew I had given birth three times drug free.....
They insisted it was the added stress of the situation that caused me to become faint....

Either way,
I made it through.
I gave of myself for Paysen.

Paysen is more nervous about things than Parklen.
he has to check in at 5:30 tomorrow morning.....his surgery is scheduled for 7:30.

What I hero I have raised....
a boy who, although so afraid, is willing to give a piece of himself to his brother.....

His main comment has been..... "I hope Parklen doesn't take ALL of my sweet dance moves."

Parklen will recieve the marrow sometime tomorrow afternoon.....
When it is finished being processed.
He will just recieve it through his central line....
will be awake the entire time and Paysen will be able to come in and watch as it happens...

And so.....through a hazy fog we close the curtains on this day.
Shut the blinds on this portion of our life....
We, as a family....look forward to tomorrow.
Forward to a new day.
Forward to the beginning of Parklen's new life.

God be with Parklen, with Paysen....with us all.

If you are interested..............a whole group of people are dressing in super hero clothes tomorrow to support the big day.....If we aren't friends on Facebook you can snap a picture of yourself and email it to me here. Include your location with your picture and I will share them with the boys!!!!  I know we are receiving prayer from all over!!!


  1. Praying for your family and boy all day today. God bless you.

  2. We are praying for ALL of you, Amanda! God's love is true and strong. Lisa B in Douglas