Thursday, November 7, 2013


Parklen slept in rather late this morning.......
I must admit that as I watched him sleep I had fears he would wake up in pain.....
As he began to open his eyes I held my breath a little as I watched.

He looked over at me and smiled..........
He gestured for me to come to him.
We snuggled in under the green scratchy hospital blanket....
His little legs wrapped around me,
his tiny toes tickling my leg.
He peered up at me with his big blue eyes and said,
"I just love you mom."

He didn't wake up feeling bad.
He woke up tired and ready for snuggles.
He wore himself out yesterday.
We spent a lot of time snuggled up today.
There were still giggles.
Still tickling,

He was so excited to watch the window washer today.....7 floors off of the ground.
Five years at this hospital and we have NEVER witnessed the scrubbing of the windows.

Today is +9.
It feels so surreal.
His mouth is a little worse.
He has stopped eating almost all together.
That's the worst of it.
and none of that is all that bad.......

It is very possible that Parklen feels just like other kids at this stage in Chemo.
The difference may be that the effects of the chemo drugs are not near as bad as the disease he has lived with his entire life........the chemo killed all that.
If this is the case,
yesterday was just a glimpse of who Parklen is to be.....
he will get EVEN better than that as his marrow begins to engraft.

One of the wisest men I have ever had the privilege to know says it best.....
"The best is yet to be......."
I believe this to be true....
in every aspect of my life.
The best for Parklen,
The best for Paysen,
for Phin,
There will be a day when our entire family is always under one roof.....
a day when my spouse and I will see each other more than two days a week.

There is going to be a day when we look back at this season of our life and be thankful for where it has brought us.

There will be a day.....
The best is yet to be.

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  1. Amanda,
    I want to tell you how much your posts lift my spirit. Your abiding faith in God comes through and speaks to my heart. As I lift up Parklen, and all of your family in my prayers I just wanted you to know that you are an inspiration to me and a wonderful witness to the power of our Lord in the midst of difficult times. And YES the BEST IS YET TO COME !! --- Linda Fuhrman