Friday, November 22, 2013

day +24

Tonight is the last night of my twenties....
you know what?
I had a great day today to bid farewell to this decade....

Parklen is doing so wonderful.
Not exaggerating one bit.
His counts have sky rocketed.
The bone marrow is doing a great job of finding its new home.

He looks amazing.
He feels amazing.

24 days out.
24 days of everyone waiting for him to look bad and feel worse.
24 days of him doing the opposite.

He is spending the night with his daddy.........
I can only imagine the fun they are having.

I got to see my big boy Paysen today......
the doctors thought it would be a good idea to let him see Parklen for a few minutes.
He wore a mask and the two of them hugging was priceless.

My handsome husband showed up with tons of goodies sent from home.
Such thoughtful gifts from friends.
I feel so loved.

Looking forward to tomorrow........
and I am telling you,
even if I tried....
I could not think of a better gift for my thirtieth birthday....
than knowing that my Parky is doing not good, but

that he is on his way to health......
that my family was all together in one room this evening.....

God is good.
He is taking care of us..........
He is answering prayers.
Right. Before. My. Eyes.


  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Yes he is! Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday, Amanda!

  4. Today is a day....
    It is a Saturday.
    It is an autumn day.
    It is the first day of the rest of your life.
    It is the first day of a new decade.
    It is, it is, it is... your BIRTH DAY!
    It is a day, true, but it is the best day of all!

    We thank God for you, for you make such a difference to so many. Without you, the world just wouldn't be the same. God knew what He was doing (doesn't He always?) when He made you...He knows every day of your life and the lives that you would, do and will touch; He knows every thing that would, do and will happen in your life and how you handle them; He knew, knows and will know the trials of your life, the joys of your life, the ups and downs of your life.... He knew when His Son Jesus died on the cross too.... He knows all about Parklen, Paysen, Phinlynn and Devon....

    Happy Birthday - a VERY special day indeed!

    Love, Lisa in D-town