Monday, November 4, 2013

a hero......

Who do you think of when you think of a super hero?

Do you think of a hero from a movie?
Someone in a story you once read?

There are more than a couple of people I would consider a hero in my life.......
One of them has been found playing softly in the background......
This one, small hero has been going for so so long with out recognition.
This young man of whom I speak is my son.

My son Paysen, the one who gave his brother bone marrow.
The one who never argued with the process.
The boy who we asked to decide if he wanted to do this big thing.....
the one who said yes.
The boy who, although so so afraid, put himself in harms way for his brother.
The one who holds such hope, that one day his brother will be able to do much more.
The boy who can teach us all a little bit about giving,
a little lesson on whats important.
Paysen has shown us that fear should never stop us from helping another....
Paysen has shown that sometimes doing the right thing, is doing the hard thing.
Paysen has shown that, no matter how difficult, nothing feels better than selflessly helping someone else.

We often times have visions of a hero as being someone big, brave, over the top.......
Paysen has shown me......his momma......that sometimes a hero is not at all what we tend to think.
He has shown me, and all who know him, that sometimes a hero is small, sweet, funny with a freckle dotted face and a huge grin.

Paysen never knew that Devan and I had decided to have him be the donor.  He never knew.
We chose to approach things a little differently.
We only told him that he was a perfect match.
We led with that and let him take the wheel.
He never complained.
He talked about being afraid.
He spoke about his nerves.
He even cried during blood tests.
.............But there was never a point when he said no.
Never did there come a time when he asked us if he had to.
He never expressed desires to back down.
He knew that he was afraid, and so did we.
He knew that the chances of there being a perfect match were low......he knew that it was no accident.
He knew all of those things..
a seven year old.....

And with tears and fear, he chose to do what scared him.
He CHOSE to put the needs of his brother before his own.
He decided that he could tough it out.

Such a big decision for such a little guy.
I don't think it is a decision that he would have made if he didn't have faith......
If, even at a young age, he didn't believe that God could use his gift for his brother to help heal him.
I don't think that his fear could have been silenced with out the peace that surpasses all understanding.
I think he listened to that still small voice, the one who speaks to us all.......

................and that is a hero.

So much to be learned from this boy of mine.......

Have I mentioned the incredible nature of all of the friends I have?  Some wonderful people....each playing their part......
Paysen was welcomed home yesterday like the hero that he is, we are talking people on the street...signs, banners, balloons.........I wasn't there, but the local news can see it here...............

.and when I spoke with Paysen on the phone I could hear the pride in his voice....thank you God for wonderful friends.  Thank you God for blessing me with the gift of raising this boy.....this hero.

who is your hero?!?!?!?!

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  1. Wow, Amanda. Just two superheroes? I can think of at least six! I can think of a Daddy who is at home with one superhero son, the both of them taking care of one another, anticipating being reunited with you again...staying strong in spirit...staying strong for each other.... It takes a lot of strength for that Daddy Superhero to be away from his hurting son and wife and baby matter how strong anyone is. With God's help though, it makes it easier. He bears a great burden, and I don't have to tell you that - you already know it.

    Then there's that Mommy Superhero. She's quite the gal! Being there every moment of every day, picking up the pieces when they fall, watching the monitors as they remain steady or move up and down, encouraging her little superhero all the time, wondering all the things that a mother wonders about and worries about and thinks about her son who is in the hospital. Being the cheer leader for her son, being the advocate for her son, running interference if need be. And then there are the other things to wonder about and think about her two other children who are not in the hospital. THAT kind of mommy is a superhero in my book! You have been through so much, and yet you persevere! Our God is a MIGHTY God, and you get your strength through Him. The times that you are weak, He makes you strong, that much is easy to see. Your are a superhero to me, Amanda, and a superhero to many others, I am sure.

    In you I can also see that sometimes the quiet yet strong and thoughtful person is the superhero.

    Your mom is also a superhero, setting aside her plans for nursing for awhile so she can be with you and your children. Parenting does not end when your own kids turn 18. Quite the opposite! Your children begin as perfect babies and they melt into your heart, soul and mind, and they never -ever- leave that part of you. Not even when they are in their 20's, 30's, 40's, etc. Plus if they are blessed to have grandchildren, that circle of life begins all over again. Those little grandchildren melt into grandma and grandpa's heart, soul and mind too! Your mom is a super hero!

    Little Phinlynn...well she is your little bumble bee, your little butterfly. She is your little bundle of joy right now that puts your mind in a different direction that you may never thought it could go before. She is your little superhero too! So fly, little bumble bee, fly little butterfly! Take mommy to flights unknown, to places unseen, except through little Phinlynn's eyes!

    We love and are praying for all of you...ALL of you Superheroes!

    Lisa B